Statement from Nina Barbora Mother BEE

Our Marketing system is based on QCBCs activity only. Firstly, QCBCs will receive Honey spoons and Honey Jars (1st and 2nd type rewards). That how they start ‘drawing QC Flowers’ by inviting and referring directly new QCBs, who also tends to become QCBCs. Later they receive Honey Barrels (3rd type of rewards) and eventually Honey Cisterns (4gth and PLUS* type of rewards) becoming QCBC the highest rewarded Ranks.

QC Hive is very committed and supportive structure offering 4% in shares for the most active QCBCs as shareholders as lifetime benefits for them and their families. At QC we treat everyone in a fair and equal way, so every member has the same opportunities to earn rewards and expand their clients.

Everything is based on the quality of QCBs’ work with us, their individual referral activity, and their ability to deliver appropriate information about the QC Marketing scheme. It’s a fair and equal playing field where everyone plays by the same rules and is awarded accordingly.

Anyone who joins QC and shares our values and philosophy, follows our rules and principles, and fits within the QC Hive structure is on track for a successful and rewarding career with us.

We can’t wait to meet you and start you on the path to success!

Yours always caring and buzzing nearby Your MOTHER BEE,
Nina Barbora (NBMB)