Hive opportunities

Structure at the Quadracare Hive

We have a simple structure for all our members-contractors that sign up to work with us. It looks like this:

  1. In the top honeycomb there are: Mother Bee (NBMB) is CEO Nina Barbora and Father Bee (JFFB) is a Senior Partner Jurij Filipovic. There is Managing Director Noel Tomas (NTMD) also two junior partners Vladimir Pritulin (VPJP) and Andrej Tanga (ATJP)
  2. Just next to the top QC tam there are QC leaders (CQCBC) who are contracting others by signing then for QC membership and actively participating in QC Marketing scheme building QC honeycombs.
  3. Also next to them are QC special Flower Builders Bees QCFB named as: Honey, Nectar, Bumble and Royal Bees. They are well rewarded for their activity in QC promotion (please see more about it in further marketing explanation).
  4. All around them as a flower petal there are other QC Bees who just signed for QC Membership (QCB).

We all have equal opportunities to be the best. Just let’s be active and productive!