Marketing system

QuadraCare (QC) Hive Marketing

Key words and abbreviations:

QC – QuadraCare

NBMB  – Nina Barbora Mother Bee


QCHB QC humble bees

QCBB 10 Elite sector Leader’s bumblebees



QCB – QuadraCare Bee – someone self-employed and/ or business who has purchased a QC membership and remains active, working for any QC Service and/ or Care Sector using the QC App.

QCBC – QuadraCare Bee Contractor – a QCB who has successfully invited someone else to purchase a QC membership (achieved a Direct Referral) and both remain active.

QC Hive – this is our overall structure which unites all our QCBs with a shared philosophy, rules, and principles.  It is made of up QC Honeycombs.

Direct Referrals – individuals and business who were invited to join by QCBs and now have a QC Membership and pay monthly membership fees.

QC Honeycombs – smaller structures within the QC Hive built up from direct referrals from QCBCs.

Points – if you are successful with achieving Direct Referrals, you will earn differing numbers of points depending on the type of membership your referrals sign up for. QC has a 30-point system with each point worth the equivalent of £50.

Contract – this is 1 sold monthly membership.

Activity – to remain active and receive business bonuses thanks to any signed contracts and direct referrals you achieve, you must continue to pay your monthly membership fee.

Business Bonuses – these personal rewards are earned with every Direct Referral you achieve. It depends on your earned points which are summed up and paid on the conditions as stated on the QC Marketing Scheme below. The different business bonus types are (Please find more about each of them in details below):

  1. Honey Spoon
  2. Honey Jar
  3. Honey Barrel
  4. Honey Cistern

QuadraCare Marketing Hive

How Quadracare (QC) Hive Marketing Works?

To become a QCB, you need to choose and join a Membership Level and then remain active. As soon as you successfully invite someone else to join QC who purchases a QC Membership, you then become a Q


As a QCBC, you are eligible for 4 different types of rewards mentioned above.  Based on different numbers of points you earned, each of them equates to different payments transferred directly into your designated bank account monthly or once per year depending on  your progress.

Here are the FOUR types of reward in more detail:

1. Honey Spoon – for every Direct Referral, you receive a one-off payment of 10% of the Membership Fee paid from each of your invites. It also gives you points which will be summed up in order to get you another TWO regular rewards described below.

2. Honey Jar – regular 4% monthly payments calculated by summarising total points of each of your signed contract (please have a look above at QC Membership Categories and the Points you earn when your Direct Referrals take out each membership):

1 point = £50 x 4% = £2
2 points – £100 x 4%= £4
5 points – £250 x 4% = £10
9 point – £450 x 4% = £18
30 points – £1450 x 4%= £60

It is easy to add up your points yourself (or check of our automated system). All is based on how many people joined QC Membership Club, thanks to your direct referrals.

3. Honey Barrel – an additional one-off payment paid every year for the most active QCBCs equating to 2% of all contracts and points you earned within last year until 17th December. The reward is calculated as such:

90 points – 2% = £90
180 points – 2% = £180
270 points -2% = £270
360 points – 2% = £360

4. Honey Cistern – a regular annual payment that is based on the whole QC turnover and is calculated from the QC income delivered by your honeycomb. For instance:

0.5MM – 0.25% from the whole QC turnover £ 1,250 – and receive QC Honey Bee rank.
1MM – 0,75% from the whole QC turnover or £7,500 – QC Nectar Bee rank
2MM – 1.25% from the whole QC turnover £25,000 – QC Bumble Bee rank
4MM – 1.75% from the whole QC turnover  £70,000 – QC Royal Bee rank

PLUS* more to that! When QC will reach 4+MM yearly turnover then the most active QCBCs and their families will be rewarded splitting among them 4% in shares for their lifetime! Here we go! Now real Magic begins…and Your dreams come true…