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It is the most important preparation in China – biological immunoregulator developed in the scientific research institute of corporation “Fohow”. It is used just as oral liquid “Phoenix”. “Sanbao” has a much better effect in the cases of hepatitis B and C, rheumatoid polyarthritis, diabetes.

Oral liquid “Sanbao” is developed on the basis of the oral liquid “Phoenix”, having added the newest industrial substance, – Mountain ant, Polyrhachis vicina (Pv Roger) extract. In every bottle of the final product there is approximately 300-307 of ant extract. When producing the preparation, ants were inactivated by freezing, and besides, in order to split the cell membranes, subnanometric technologies and crioextraction was used, this enabled to use up to 98% of the valuable initial substance (Mountain ants).

Biologically active food supplement oral liquid “Sanbao” is similar in its content to oral liquid “Phoenix”, but Cordyceps concentration in it is larger and reaches 80%. The preparation, unlike oral liquid “Phoenix”, is characterized by a better expectoration effect, reduces bronchial obstruction and improves blood circulation in the respiratory system and lower pelvis organs, normalizes the function of the urogenital system organs, regulates the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

The main components: Chinese Cordyceps – 80%, Linchzhi – 8.0%, Mountain ant extract, Shiitake, Himalaya honey.
Net content: 4 bottles 30ml each.
Expiration date: 18 months since the production date .
Storing conditions: store in a dark and dry place, keep an open bottle in a dark and cool place.

Preventive usage. Oral liquid “Sanbao” is prescribed in the same doses and courses as oral liquid “Phoenix”. For children as a preventive measure oral liquid “Phoenix” is usually prescribed.

Usage indications and duration in the cases of different diseases
Rheumatoid polyarthritis and other joint diseases – for several months;
Hepatitis B and C – for several months;
Type 2 diabetes and type 1 diabetes complication prevention – for several months;
Respiratory organ diseases: bronchitis, especially chronic, pneumonia, lung emphysema, bronchial asthma – beginning with several weeks up to several months. In the cases of lung tuberculosis the course is longer; rhinitis, sinusitis, otitis – dripping a few drops into an ear or nose twice a day until the symptoms disappear. Also, one should take the preparation from several weeks to several months in the cases of all urogenital diseases, especially of men, prostate hypertrophy and adenoma, reduces potency, spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation;  for women – nycturia, menstruation cycle disorders, pains in the pelvis area – for several months;
Pre cancer diseases and malignant tumors, especially during the course of chemo- and radiotherapy, continue the use after the treatment course with oral liquid “Phoenix” – 1 – 2 packages; increased amount of lipids, cholesterol and tryglyceride in the blood – no less than 2 months, or until a normal laboratory analysis result is achieved;
Many other chronic diseases, when preparation “Phoenix” can be used, too – courses from a couple of weeks up to several months.

Fohow-Sanbao-Oral-LiquidDoses for adults. Minimal curative dose of oral liquid “Phoenix” and “Sanbao” is 5ml a day. If it is necessary the preparation dose can be increased up to 2 bottles (60ml) a day (in such cases the preparation is usually taken twice a day – in the morning and evening). One should pay attention to the fact, that a preparation dose has to be increased gradually, in order to avoid possible exacerbation and when traditional medication is used.

Remarks: for adults who suffer from respiratory diseases, bronchial obstructions, the preparation dose is increased from 2ml by 1ml every day, until a clinical effect is achieved, that is, suffocation is reduced, expectoration is increased. The appointed preparation doses are used up to two months.

For teenagers oral liquid “Sanbao” should be prescribed very carefully, because it stimulates urine and sexual system blood circulation.

In the cases of oncological and haematological diseases it is recommended to take liquid Cordyceps forms in turns or take oral liquid “Phoenix” and “Sanbao” simultaneously. In the cases of endocrinal and urogenital system, encephalon oncological diseases one could also take “Linchzhi” capsules.

Oral liquid “Sanbao” is developed on the basis of the oral liquid “Phoenix”, having added the newest industrial substance, – Mountain ants, Polyrhachis vicina (Pv Roger) extract. In every bottle of the final product there is approximately 300-307 of ant extract. When producing the preparation, ants were inactivated by freezing, and besides, in order to split the cell membranes, subnanometric technologies and crioextraction was used, this enabled to use up to 98% of the valuable initial substance (Mountain ants).


The ant – is a wonderful insect, one of the biggest and mostly flourishing representatives of the insect family on our planet. In the examples of amber, which date more than a hundred million years, we can see pre-historic ants, the outer structure and shape of which has not changed a lot. It means that the genetic structure of ants, little inhabitants of our earth, is very stable, characterized by the strongest qualities, that allow to survive and adapt. According to the data there are about 12-14 species of ants in the nature. Following the preliminary calculations about 2 thousand of these insects live in China. According to the scientific research publications, namely Mountain ants, Polyrhachis vicina Roger (Pv Roger) are the most valuable of all ant species. Since the ancient times people have investigated the medical effect of ants extremely attentively, and have used ant larva for food. Also adult ant parts were used as raw material for medical preparations.

There have been found inscriptions about the wonderful preparation, made from raw material from ants, its regenerating, health care and healing effect. In recent years, when gradually more and more thorough research has been carried out about ant preparations, ant usage practice has been developing in both, treatment and health care fields.

At present many scientific research centers after several years of practical experience started to use ant preparations effectively to cure the rheumatic arthritis successfully. It has been proved that ant preparations quite favorably affect the organism in the cases of certain chronic diseases, e.g. hepatitis B and C, diabetes and other. Ants are the most valuable raw material resource in the Chinese medicine, that can suppress the weakening of sexual activity, helps to restore fertility and other functions, is characterized by cosmetic effectiveness, improves the state of the skin, also regulates IN and JAN balance in the organs and their systems. This is why this product is characterized as a natural high class health restoring preparation.

But not all the species of ants have nutritious and curative value. According to the scientists’ conclusions, presently only one species of ants in China can be used with nutrition and curative purposes, it is confirmed by the certificate of health ministry of the People’s Republic of China: these are the ants that live in Canbai Sanio mountains, – mountain ants, Polyrhachis vicina (Pv Roger).

Mountain ants, Polyrhachis vicina (Pv Roger) in Chinese are called “nicheidoci ma-i”, “chei ma-i” (Black ants), “beitai-i”, “dintu doci-i”, ancient name “siuanj czjuj” (Black little horse). The taste is salty, classified under warm products. “Eliminates moisture, fills with power and energy, strengthens the organism, outwardly is used for swellings, and elimination of poisoning consequences.” It is used in the cases of rheumatism and rheumatic arthritis, kidney deficiency, general deficiency, dermatitis, etc. the scientific research analysis has revealed that mountain ants, Polyrhachis vicina (Pv Roger), contain: protein 40-55%; the necessary minerals for the human organism – 14 kinds; amino acids – 19 kinds, (among them necessary for the organism amino acids – treonin, fenilamin, valin, izoleucine, leucine, lizine, metionin, triptofan), plenty of vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, C, D, E and other; out of non organic salts, there is calcium, iron, phosphorus, selenium, zinc. Among them there are exceptionally many zinc salts. The nutritious value of this unique food raw material exceeds even wild mountain ginseng (taking it in equal proportions). Even having used it for a long time no side effect is apparent, it does not cause any unwanted reactions.

Oral liquid “Sanbao” – is the result of the long term research of a team of scientists at “JU DE” Healthy diet products Scientific research institute.


Preparation effect


Eliminates rheumatism, rheumatic arthritis

Recently scientists have come to a common conclusion that rheumatic arthritis is an auto immune disease, which develops because of immune system disorders. Clinical trials have shown that ant preparation is able to regulate immune functions of the organism, also does not cause any side effect, which is typical to the immunosuppressives. It has appeared that its effect is based on immunity regulation, immunity organs’ – thymus gland, spleen, and others – strengthening, and this is followed by leucocyte production (leucocytosis), lower speed of erythrocyte sedimentation and rheumatic factor titre stimulation. After the reduction of own antibody production and their harmful impact on the cells, blood production function is stimulated, this is why a patient’s condition improves in the cases of anemia. An extremely important role is played by the regulative  function for T-lymphocytes: both, T-lymphocytes stimulation and suppression is going on.

When free radicals interact with polyunsaturated acids present in the cell membrane of the organism, lipid peroxidose (LPO) is produced, which breaks the cell membrane. LPO plays a very important role in the pathological process of rheumatic arthritis. As the most recent experiments have revealed, the earlier mentioned ants are able to block LPO formation. This proves a clear and close connection between ants’ curative effect, in the cases of rheumatic arthritis, and their ability to block the LPO synthesis.

Also, the laboratory findings indicate that there is a very clear antiphlogistic effect and the effect on the primary and secondary inflammations, and this proves a direct antiphlogistic, resorption and anesthetizing ant effect in the cases of rheumatic arthritis.

Some researchers have found that, the blood of the people suffering from rheumatic arthritis contains a far too small amount of zinc. On the basis of that one can make a conclusion that the lack of zinc can influence the development of the disease: the lack of zinc in the joint cover can stimulate the development of the disease. That is why one of the main ways of treatment is the restoration of zinc. It is believed that nowadays namely ants are the richest in zinc resources.


Obvious effect in the cases of hepatitis B

Hepatitis B is an infectious disease, which is caused by hepatitis B virus contagion.

The clinical trial has revealed that this disease is triggered by chronic deficiency, essentially by chronic liver and kidney deficiency. Contemporary medicine does not have enough knowledge about the mechanism of hepatitis B. Usually it is believed that because of the acute reduction of the immune function abilities the organism is not able to eliminate hepatitis B viruses, and this is a very important factor. Kidneys are completely responsible for the reduced activity of the immune system, as they are not able to produce the seed because of deficiency and this results in “kidney heat” syndrome. Kidney plays a critical role in the treatment of hepatitis B, and acts as an additional curative factor when eliminating “warmth and heat syndrome”.

Pharmacological analysis in the modern medicine has managed to prove that ant preparation provides a wide range of pharmacological functions: antiphlogistic, antiseptic, anti asthma, liver saving, etc.

The experiments on white mice have proved that the product is not only able to normalize the functions of the immune system, but also reduces the activity of alanine transaninnasis. This is why the ant preparation has a curative and health care effect on the patients suffering from hepatitis B. Characterized as a “helper” among the Chinese medical preparations, intended to eliminate the “moisture syndrome”, clean stasis residue, regulate the organism energy, save the liver, restore the spleen functions, rehabilitate the stomach, etc., it helps the patient to recover quite quickly, also to clean liver from viruses and restore the affected cells.


Unique effect in the cases of diabetes

Diabetes also belongs to chronic deficiency diseases. Because of kidney deficiency the functions of the immune system are weakened, there appears a misbalance of endocrine system, inner sugar metabolism is disturbed, and this is the main reason of the disease. In the organism of ants absolutely necessary microelements, amino acids and vitamins for a human organism are found, they help to strengthen the immune system, regulate the endocrine system, stabilize sugar metabolism in the organism, activate the functions of the pancrease Langerhans insula beta-cells, increase the insulin activity and suppress the insulin antibody production. Besides, the zinc present in the ant organism is able to activate the conversion of insulinogen into insulin, in this way it helps to control and change diabetes symptoms. Due to the ant preparation there appears a possibility to strengthen the treatment effect: the rehabilitation percentage of sugar in the blood and urine is more than 80%. Such symptoms as frequent drinking, frequent urination, fatigue, tiredness, frequent precipitation, heart beat, and other appear more and more seldom until they disappear completely. There is no addiction or side effect.


Stimulates the growth of the thymus gland

The strengthening of the human organism immunity and resistance, spleen, thymus gland and other immune system organs’ active development are the features of the prosperity of a young and healthy organism. Scientists have found that aging is related to the gradual weakening of the functions of human immune system.

Thymus gland – is a certain “longevity alarm-clock” of a human organism, as it is closely related to the organism’s lifetime. The function of the thymus gland is the production of T – lymphocytes and stimulation of their maturity. The more there are T-lymphocytes in a human organism the more resistant the immunity is. So it is possible not to be ill, or to be ill for a shorter time, or the treatment and rehabilitation of virus infections could be faster, and this means that it is possible to live considerably longer. The thing is that thymus gland starts slowly atrophying at the age of 12, and at around the age of 60 it shrinks to a very small size and becomes practically invisible.


It eliminates serious consequences of radio and chemotherapy

For the radiotherapy alpha-, beta-, and gamma- rays are used. A huge dose of radioactive rays destroys cancer cells, at the same time it hurts normal cells too, and causes a side effect. It especially hurts the functions of the immune system, this is why the resistance to different diseases is reduced. There appear such symptoms as bleary face, aging skin, loss of appetite, hair loss, heaviness, insomnia, etc.

Chemotherapy – is one of the treatment ways, that destroys tumor cells when chemical preparations are used, the growth and splitting of tumor cells is suppressed, the differentiation of tumor cells is stimulated. During the chemotherapy the body weakens, there appears a feeling of prostration, perspiration, the number of lymphocytes and thrombocytes is reduced, and because of that the amount of haematochrome in erythrocytes is also reduced.

Oral lotion “Sanbao – three treasures” plays a very important role in strengthening the immunity, it increases the activity of macro phagocytes and lymphocytes, increases the amount of leucocytes in the blood, considerably reduces the consequences of the side effects of radio and chemotherapy.


Restoration of kidney function, strengthening of kidney JAN

In TCM kidney is considered to be “primeval basis”, that means the natural health, which is passed on to us by our parents. Kidney determines the function of fertility, the production of medulla depends on the seed which is stored in the kidney, and medulla performs the main functions, such as – supplementing the organism with vital energy – Juanj Ci. Oral liquid “Sanbao” is rich in the most important components, such as Chinese cordyceps and Mountain Ants extract, this is why it helps to regulate the work of kidney and the production of medulla. The preparation influences kidney directly and is characterized by a good restoration function in the cases of “kidney emptiness” syndrome, poor seed (sperm) production, male infertility, rapid tiredness, hum in the ears, shimmer in the eyes, fatigue, etc.

It is possible to state, that oral liquid “Sanbao” is a classical representative of the preparations, which are intended for the “regulatory” function, also is a unique product that carries out a “restoring” function. They used to say in the ancient times: “There are three treasures in the sky: the sun, the moon, and the stars; a person has three treasures: a body (seed, Czin), a soul (energy, Ci) and a spirit (Senj)”.

Oral liquid “Sanbao” carries out the restoring function of the body, the soul and the spirit.

One bottle contains 30ml of oral liquid “Sanbao”, which concentrates the same amount of valuable ingredients as 45ml of oral liquid “Phoenix” and additionally about 300 of Mountain ant extract. In this way, on the basis of preparation “Phoenix” which is intended for regulation, a preparation which also combines the “restoring” function was developed. When restoring “body – soul – spirit” functions, we achieve a healthcare effect: strong health, freedom from diseases, healthy life continuity and longevity.


It is recommended for people who suffer from rheumatic diseases, hepatitis B, diabetes, during the cancer radio and chemotherapy, for those with poor health and who are frequently ill.