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To clean, regulate, rebuild and improve your body, life and whole invironemt (including home and business premises), please order useful set of our reccommended products, accessories and equipment from our partners, known for world proved quality (fully registered/licensed in the uk).

Some people see health care as a very high-calorie nutrition, they consume a lot of meat and fish every day. But plentiful food unfortunately burdens spleen and stomach. Very fat food can cause hyperlipidemia, which is the reason of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis can cause heart and blood vessel diseases – the main enemy of human health. High-calorie food also increases the possibility to get large intestine cancer, dramatically increases the possibility to get breast cancer; besides, it is directly related to liver fattening and bile stone.

The effectiveness and distinction of the liquid concentrated preparations from the higher fungi cells – Chinese cordyceps, also Linchzhi and Aromatic fungus is that firstly they are preparations of systematic effect. Systematic effect of the new preparations gives a possibility for fast regulation of all the organism functions. Besides, the effectiveness of cordyceps and of other medicinal fungi popular in the East is increased many times because of original formula and so far unsurpassed the most modern production biotechnology.

In recent years, as the general living standard has improved, food is becoming more refined. There is a trend to use less nutritious fiber in our meals. High-calorie food, containing lots of protein, fat and carbohydrate, promotes obesity, diabetes, heart-diseases, hypertonia, and other diseases in large numbers. These facts attracted scientists’ attention, as a result of these historical phenomena, there appeared regeneration products in the nutrition practice. When providing a person’s organism with sufficient nutrition, this products also helps to excrete lots of harmful substances, toxins and fat surplus. “Regeneration” and “Cleaning”- two functions in one product, it is exactly what a modern person needs.

Most of these Fohow products are “know-how” in physiotherapy. All these unique products are the result of very serious scientific research of corporation “Fohow” specialists. They are produced from a very special material, that contains finely shredded with the help of nanotechnologies low power magnets and minerals (over fifty of them), placed according to the principles of acupuncture, stimulating the points located along different meridians. So the basis of them is made up from: a layer of some special material with half precious minerals inserted (the main role is played by nephrite and tourmaline), there are some among them of meteorite origin, which are able to radiate infrared rays, and low power magnets, located in a special way.