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Quadracare offers a brand new non-surgical MODERN PHYSIOTHERAPY METHOD as treatment of spine and joints – KINESIOTHERAPY EXCERCISES WITH THE SPECIAL EQUIPMENT in which the patient him/herself is actively involved in his/her recovery thanks to internal reserves. The technique developed by our specialists allows them to cope with the painful symptoms without the use of drugs, even in a state of the extremely neglected body, thereby restoring the full working capacity.


  • Osteochondrosis (spondylosis) of the spine, including complicated by the intervertebral disks herniation, Schmorl’s nodule;
  • Frozen shoulder, shoulder and shoulder blade pain, habitual dislocation of the shoulder joint;
  • “Tennis-player’s elbow” (impairment of the elbow joint);
  • Dysplastic coxarthrosis of 0-II degree (aseptic necrosis of the hip joint);
  • Gonoartrit (knee joint arthrosis);
  • Chronic prostatitis, chronic adnexitis, impotence, chronic hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome;
  • Overweight, cellulite, internal organs prolapse;
  • Headaches, dizziness, sleep disorder, asthenoneurotic states
  • Psychosomatic depression.


  • ischemic stroke, myocardial infarction, coronary artery bypass surgery;
  • compression fracture of the spine;
  • hip and knee joints endoprosthesis replacement;
  • surgical interventions on the spine and internal organs.


  • ischemic heart disease;
  • external respiratory disease, bronchial asthma;
  • Varicose veins;
  • Postural disorder (scoliosis, kyphosis);
  • diseases of internal organs, urogenital system (gastritis, pancreatitis, prostatitis, colitis, adnexitis);
  • menopause, infertility;
  • prevention of pain in the lower back, overweight and varicose veins in pregnant women and during postnatal period.


Patient does not need to go extra mile, he doesn’t have to be afraid of increase in pressure and general weakness. These weak areas are managed by the MTB anti-gravity system. The patient should only direct his motion. But progressing through the courses the patient overtakes all the movements of the body and uses the trainer only as a partner! It is more interesting than alone with the body. But every person, who came to the Centre, has its individual program. There are no similar patients; there are no similar disease courses! That is the reality! But when each person suffering the back pain has the same set of drugs prescribed and … waits until the leaves its body, maintaining it healthy and strong – it is Utopia! This is just playing a therapy! After all, it is primitive!