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Unique “CLEARING” ceremonies and initiations balancing your Residential and Family homes space and atmosphere.

Space Clearing is particularly useful:

  • After clutter-clearing or spring cleaning
  • When you move house, to remove the energy of the previous occupants, and to make it your home
  • As a blessing for a newly built house
  • To help you bond with a house
  • To help sell a house
  • After a divorce, bereavement or change of job
  • At the start of a new relationship
  • To prepare the house for a new baby
  • If you’ve been burgled or had a bad experience in your home
  • If you feel uncomfortable or spooked in any room
  • If you know that the building or land has a violent history eg on battle sites
  • To expand a particular life area e.g. prosperity, creativity, relationships
  • To increase your energy, vitality, well being and clarity
  • If you feel stuck in a rut or want to shift a particular issue
  • After a period of ill health, depression, arguments or bad luck
  • To refresh and clear a therapist’s treatment room or meditation space

Unique “CLEARING” ceremonies and initiations balancing Environmental energy at the business premises.

Space Clearing is particularly useful:

  • When you move business premises, to remove the energy of the previous occupants, and to make it your office
  • As a blessing for a newly built building
  • To help you bond with an office
  • To help sell a office
  • To help explore your business
  • To build the team
  • To empower your stuff
  • To get better deals for your business
  • To be more successful at your work
  • To influence your partners in a positive and constructive way


Our modern society still needs and is deserving of the proper Energy Clearing and Balancing ceremony, not just commercial events. Rites of passage are meaningful times in our lives and they deserve being celebrated as such. There is always reason to appreciate, enjoy and celebrate any moment in life. There is no point of long-term fear unrealised and procrastination.

The benefit of ceremony is an open statement of gratitude toward life and happiness. It acknowledges the past, and makes way for a glorious future.

Light of Holly Candles, Whisper of Special Prayer, Sound of Tibet Singing Bowls, Gongs and African Drums, Smell of burned a campfire, Dance of your team or family, Noise of Rain stick and Music of your heart beat, will adopt with your Space, also familiar with your expectations of your own life Style, raise your potential and lift the Vital energy.

Space clearing will help you:

  • Increase vitality and bring healing energy
  • Break and remove stagnant energy or negative patterns
  • Eliminate blocks to success
  • Change or move on with your career
  • Improve your current relationship or to attract a new love
  • Improve your sex life
  • Achieve your goals easily
  • Find your life purpose
  • Protect and bless your home

OUR “Clearing Ceremony” works on a very deep level by changing and cleansing the energy in the house. It brings profound changes in your home, in many cases quite significant and life changing. The space clearing involves ancient and highly effective techniques for clearing and revitalising the energy in the home. It removes stagnant and negative energy, accumulated by the walls, ceilings and furniture. By using different ancient tools and integrative approaches the unique ceremony will remove blockages and obstacles in your life, making space for new incredible opportunities in all areas of your life.

Scientific background:
Quantum physics has proved that everything in the universe and beyond is made up of energy, constantly flowing and changing and affecting us. The energy of the places in which we live, work and socialise will affect our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Energetically, everything that happens in a building – thoughts, actions and emotions – is held there like dust, imprinted on the walls, floors, and furniture.

Traumas, arguments, grief, bad luck, depression, shock, stress, sadness, worry, repeated patterns of behaviour and ill-health will leave ‘bad vibes’ and the energy stagnates affecting the people who live there, perpetuating the tendency for negative experiences.

Our Unique Space Clearing Ceremonies are based on old European Traditions. It is suitable for anyone who is living in Europe.

These profound and highly effective techniques to clear the past energy from a home, and make a fresh start. It fills our personal spaces with vibrant, positive, revitalised energy and in doing so raises the quality of our lives. A building that has been Space Cleared will shine with clarity and potential. It can also be adapted to a ‘blessing ceremony’ for a newly built home or business.

Space clearing is a practice found in traditional or native cultures. In olden days, people would ‘drum out the evil spirits’. In the West, people use spring-cleaning and house-warming parties to clear the old energy and bring in the new. A Space Clearing Ceremony is the ultimate spring-clean!

For over twenty years we have been developing and evolving our unique Space Clearing & House and Land Healing & Blessing ceremonies combining common Space Clearing methods with European Holly rituals, Fito-, naturo- and bio-energetically proved techniques, Sound and  Smell  healing tools and ancient monks rituals, to create the powerful, constructively effective ceremonies that we use today..

What the space clearing involves:

quadracare-4Initial consultation
Initial assessment has to be done prior to the space clearing. It takes about an hour (depending on the size of the property) and the idea is to establish the main focus of the space clearing. During the assessment there will be a circuit of hand sensing and intuitive readings of the imprinted energy of the house. A detailed interview is also done in order to clarify the main areas you want to change – money, career, relationships, health etc.

Each consultation is tailored according to the specific requirements of the property and its occupants. Most people start experiencing the profound change straight after the assessment and as long as the intention for the space clearing has been set.


Physical cleaning is highly recommended prior to the space clearing session. Especially clearing windows, dusting throughout, behind and under furniture etc. By removing all dust and dirt from the surfaces you remove the old energy that has been built up over time and prepare the property to absorb the fresh positive energy. Carpet cleaning is also recommended especially for homes where has been a divorce, death or other negative situations. Clutter clearing is a big part of preparing your home for the ceremony. By clearing old, broken or unused items from your house or anything that is giving you negative memories or energy, you make space for the new fresh opportunities.

Space Clearing

imageA specially designed space clearing alter is prepared, using symbolic presentation of the focus of the ceremony. Old energy patterns are broken and any stagnant energy is removed. New high frequencies are installed, bringing blessings, peace and new positive energy to the home. The ceremony may takes from an hour to a few hours (depending on the size of the property). The effect from the clearing can be felt straight away – the space looks brighter, the colours seem sharper and the new uplifting energy could be felt instantly. The air feels lighter, crisp and there is a very calming and positive feeling in the house or business premises.

After the space clearing

You will instantly feel a significant boost in your physical, emotional, mental spiritual wellbeing. Regular space clearing will maintain high levels of health, well-being and abundance in your life. It is recommended at least once a year or whenever you feel the need of it.

of Space Clearing package
The space clearing package cost is depending on the size and value of the property (from £400).