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Most of these Fohow products are “know-how” in physiotherapy. This unique Fohow bedding is the result of very serious scientific research of corporation “Fohow” specialists. They are produced from a very special material, that contains finely shredded with the help of nanotechnologies low power magnets and minerals (over fifty of them), placed according to the principles of acupuncture, stimulating the points located along different meridians. So the basis of them is made up from: a layer of some special material with sami precious minerals inserted (the main role is played by nephrite and tourmaline), there are some among them of meteorite origin, which are able to radiate infrared rays, and low power magnets, located in a special way. It significantly improves blood microcirculation in various organs and tissues of the human body, provides an effective prohylaxis and acts as an support tool for the treatment of many diseases related to microcirculatory disturbances, such as cardiovasculas disease, hypertension, cerebrovascular desease, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, tumors, varicose, vasculitis,menstrual pain, etc.

Improves body‘s metabolism, removes fatigue, returns physical strenght. Helps to store and preserve the heat. Increases cellular activity and the body‘s immune system. Opens the energy chanels, eliminates the pain. Provides antibacterial protection and has an antiinflammatory effect, eliminates swelling.