Capillary Diagnostic

quadracare-1The capillary diagnostic (or part of it is known as capillaroscopy) is a Examination provided in our office by a specially trained with us Quadracare specialist. Originally it was based on Tibet Medicine and our experts received a comprehensive knowledge from prominent chinese doctors.

This exam consists of observing the skin of the nail edge. Thus, it allows to study the projections of separate vitally important organs/systems at the appearance of capillaries (microscopic arteries) from the edge of the nail. We can then estimate the condition of the heart, lungs, kidney, liver and more. Also we can evaluate the condition of total immunity system. This is the main purpose of that examination. It gives us a lot of valuable information about the state of whole body.

The examination process

Capillaroscope connected to an image recording system. It is a simple, non painful. The patient sits. The QC specialist cleans a nail with antiseptic solution. Then he deposited a drop of oil on the nail and place it under a light plate. He examines only ONE the least engaged  finger nail under a microscope called capillaroscope. This test takes about 15-20 minutes.

Special care before or after the examination

Hands must be clean and warm.